Why is search engine optimization important

A Beginner’s Guide to Increasing Blog Traffic

Many people dream of making a living as a blogger. However, even the best content won’t bring income without traffic. In the beginning, blog owners struggle to get the traffic they need to build the following they need to earn a living. Learning how to increase blog traffic will solve this issue. There are a few ways that you can begin adding to your traffic today. Most of these techniques are related to search engine optimization.

Why is search engine optimization important

Search engine optimization has many definitions, but in practice it is changing your blog so that it has a higher search engine ranking and thus shows up higher in the results for searches. People optimize their blogs for search terms that are related to their content. Hopefully, the people who search for these terms will become regular blog readers.

When optimizing for key words, there are a few different approaches. Some people choose the most searched terms relevant to their blog. While this may be a good idea, it may not bring a lot of traffic initially. This is because there will always be bigger sites that have higher rankings. It is usually better to optimize for niche terms that are somewhat rare and highly relevant to your material. When learning how to increase blog traffic, it is easier to start with rarer terms that don’t have a lot of competition for the top spot.

How to Search Engine Optimize a Blog

There are a few ways that you can search engine optimize your blog easily. While these will not necessarily put you on the first page of all related searches, they will increase your ranking and thus increase your blog’s traffic:

• Investigate key words. Know what terms related to your blog are being searched for right now. This way you will know what terms to optimize for.
• Use keywords in titles and subtitles. These positions are given more weight by search engine crawlers.
• Write original material related to the key words and use them naturally in that material. This is the content that SEO specialists are trying to imitate, but your blog should naturally be full of it.
• Ask other bloggers for backlinks. You can do this by trading links or offering to write a guest blog for them. Backlinks will not only drive more traffic your way, but increase your blog’s search engine ranking as well.

Social Media Strategies

Social media is an important part of driving traffic to your blog. Consider every article or photo you know that ‘went viral’. Social media was almost certainly involved! Create social media profiles for your blog and begin cross-posting your content to get more exposure.

Not only is social media a blog owner’s only hope for ‘going viral’, it also can drive more traffic to your blog and even increase your search engine ranking. No blog can afford to be without a Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest presence at the least.

Keep Up the Quality

There is only so much time in the day, so many bloggers are tempted to sacrifice content in order to pursue more traffic. However, this is a huge mistake. While traffic is important, having a reason for those people to read–and come back over and over to read–is just as crucial for the long term success of a blog.

Invest some time in SEO and social media, but continue to focus on high quality, original blog content. You’ll be surprised at how quickly these efforts will build on each other. After a while, simple optimization and social media tasks will seem like second nature and you will be able to perform them quickly. You too can have a successful blog if you create quality content and drive traffic your way.

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