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Home Business Promises – is they believable ?

No matter how good something sounds, you have to ask yourself if it is believable. It is not only about the speaker or writer and whether or not you find them believable, (trust them, respect them, etc.), but really more so about your interpretation of what they are saying (does it seem realistic?). In this regard, always remember to keep this little saying in mind:   ‘If it sounds too good to be true it probably is’.

Just like ‘it is not what you say but how you say it’, it is really all about how you interpret and process information.  Your logical mind tells you that people only earn money by doing honest work, but your denial tells you there is some magical process on the Internet that creates ‘wealth without work’.  So that is why when people read something that may be interpreted in a few different ways, they will always opt for the one where they don’t need to do anything.  Their sponsor, the program, or magic will do it for them.
Home Business Profits – Make Money in 24 hours

Let’s look at an example.  You read that Joe Rich will set you up in business and you can start making money in 24-hours, and all you do is pay a small one-time or monthly fee.  Joe is not lying.  You can START in 24-hours (as soon as he gets your account ready, etc.  Will you read that you will be making money in 24-hours?

If you think about that logically, you might ask yourself why, if that is really all there is to it, everybody is not making money on the Internet.  Why are people still working at jobs when they can just sign up and start creating wealth while sipping umbrella drinks at the beach?

More than likely before you see a dime, you will need to start by learning what to do and how to promote your business — and then actually START doing it.  Realistically you will need to KEEP doing it on a consistent basis (just like a job) in order to start driving traffic to your site.  At that point some of the traffic may convert to sales. Whether or not it does you need to keep it up indefinitely.

It may actually be POSSIBLE to make money in 24-hours but that would be IF you had experience, and IF you had a list of existing customers or prospects that are already familiar with you (not random).  This is not the same as buying a list of leads (random).  Don’t worry about this going forward because you will begin to build and develop relationships.  Those very same random people will not be random in just a few emails or interactions on a forum or social network.

This is not to discourage you from starting a home business – it is actually quite the contrary, and is to help prevent you from becoming discouraged when you realize you are not seeing any money after a couple days or weeks.  Know that it is because this is only logical and that it is due the fact that you have not done sufficient W-O-R-K to make it happen YET.  Contrary to popular belief it is not to say Joe Rich is lying and just wants to steal your money, or that product, service or program is lousy or saturated.

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